How to Avoid Claims

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Having a claim filed against your business, even if it is determined to be a false claim, can be a detriment to a business, tarring the business’ reputation.

A claim is when a client makes a formal accusation against a business for something they feel violated the contractual obligation.  The best way to avoid a claim is to be certain that your part of the contractual obligations are fulfilled, preferably with evidence to back your competency.  In order to avoid claims, you need to be certain, first, that you fulfill your contractual obligations.  After a formal claim is filed, the surety bond producer will review both sides to determine the validity of the claim.  This is why, having a surety bond producer who you have worked with in the past and have a good reputation with, can be tantamount to avoiding false claims.

Unfortunately, a surety bond does not protect you from claims.  It protects the public from a business’ failure to fulfill the obligations spelled out in the contract.  Although the surety bond company is there to pay the claim, the business will still be expected to reimburse the surety bond producer.

In order to avoid claims, it is important to follow government rules, fulfill all contractual agreements, document everything and, if a dispute arises, to try to resolve it with the complainant first.

It is important that a business chooses a surety bond producer who has a proven history of customer service and loyalty.  In order to assess a surety bond producer’s customer service and loyalty philosophy, it is important to assess if the surety bond producer is looking for a quick sale or if they actually care about the business.

In summary:

  • Surety bonds are meant to protect the general public from any default. If a claim is filed (false or accurate) both sides are be able to argue their case to the surety bond producer.  If the claim is found to be false, the surety bond producer will fight for the business.  If the claim is found to be valid, the surety bond producer will pay and then seek monetary retribution from the business.  It is important to have a solid relationship with a surety bond producer who is knowledgeable and able to explain different surety bond terms and legalities in order to make sure that the consequences of not fulfilling the contractual obligations and following government rules is evident to the business.


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