What’s the Deal with Insurance and Surety Bond Premiums?

There is often confusion between insurance policies and surety bonds.  To recap, a surety bond is a three party agreement between the obligee (the one asking for the principal to obtain the surety bond), the principal (the one who is applying for the surety bond) and the surety (the third party who approves the surety bond).  An insurance policy, on the other hand, is a contractual agreement between the insurance company and the insured individual or group.  In addition, a surety bond protects the obligee (i.e. the general public), not the principal applying for the surety bond.   In an insurance policy, the applicant is protected.

One thing that a surety bond and an insurance policy have in common is that they both have premiums.  But, in continuing to point out the differences, premiums are also used differently in both cases. In an insurance policy, premiums protect the few who may need it. For example, we all must buy auto insurance. But, not everyone gets into car accidents. The few that do (and are not found at fault) are covered by premiums paid by the group. Surety bond premiums, on the other hand, are a fee for the bond. A premium is decided by the financial soundness of the applicant. If your financial history is strong, your premium will be lower. On the flip side, if your financial history has hit a rough patch, then your premium will be higher. When a loss occurs, the payment comes out of the surety bond producer’s funds. The surety bond producer will then seek reimbursement from the principal. The premium does not pay for the loss.

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