Do I need a Janitorial or Cleaning Surety Bond for my Business?

It is no secret that the service sector in the United States is growing. This includes such industries as cleaning and janitorial businesses.  Although surety bonds are not a requirement, having a surety bond can benefit your business. It communicates to customers that you are reputable and trustworthy, because a surety bond guarantees that you will uphold your end of the contract. This gives customers added confidence in your services.
A red bucket filled with assorted cleaning supplies.

If you are getting started in the business, here are some general FAQs:


  • Are cleaning and janitorial service surety bonds the same?
    1. YES! Although the wording may be different, the surety bond is still the same.
  • Do I need one?
    1. No, BUT it is valuable to have to give your clients confidence that they will are in good hands.  Although your business is built on trust, there are instances when this trust may be broken outside of your control.  For example, you cannot guarantee that your employees will always carry out this same business virtue. Thus, having a surety bond gives that extra bit of confidence to your client.
  • Great! So how much does a surety bond cost?
    1. It varies by industry. In the janitorial and cleaning service industry, several factors determine the premium. These include, but are not limited to:
      Number of employees
      Amount of coverage
      Applicant’s financial history
      Business reputation
      Claims, if any, filed against your company

Now that we’ve shown you the necessity and benefits of a surety bond, contact us today and we’ll get you started!

We here, at are an independent bond-only agency, committed to the principles of service, integrity and professionalism. We view our clients, employees and underwriters as our “business family”. We strive to offer each and every one of them unsurpassed attention and support to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.  We have a keen understanding that success for everyone is only possible through helping all of our constituents achieve their goals and objectives, we believe that a truly satisfied customer, employee or vendor is the best business strategy of all.  Our surety bonding services help create a blueprint for success. Our principals have relationships nationwide and have earned the trust of underwriters. Because of our credibility within the underwriting community and longevity in the industry, we are able to act as powerful advocates for our clients. We have a unique, tactical process to professionally design and present a thorough financial picture with risk and financial analyses to the surety market.