Surety Bond Cost

How Much Will a Bond Cost:

The most common question customers ask is, “How much will my surety bond cost?” The first factor is determining the exact type of bond you need. The cost is largely based on the risk associated with the bond type. The lower the risk, such as a certificate of title bonds, the lower the cost. These low risk bonds can also be set up very quickly and easily (oftentimes without a credit check). They come with a low flat rate. Bonds with a higher associated risk require a complete underwriting process and credit checks and other financial documents. However, at we’ve perfected our internal systems and service so that we make this process as fast and easy as possible. We also work with a number of different surety companies to get you the lowest cost bond possible. For bonds that require underwriting, standard market rates are usually 1-3% of the bond amount. So for a $30,000 bond, the cost would be $300-$900 based on the applicant’s information.

Getting in touch with our expert team is the best way to determine the exact type and cost of bond you need for your situation. We’ll work with you to find the lowest available bonds rates. Guaranteed.
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These folks made the bonding process so easy. I wasn’t sure how to get a bond, but they walked me through it, and I got my bond just an hour later!

Ryan B.