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What are Court Bonds?

A court bond is issued to ensure that the defendant will return to court for their next, and all subsequent, hearings.  If the defendant does not appear, the bail amount is forfeited to the court.  In order to be approved for a court bond, the applicant must have a sound financial history, good credit history and solid references.  If approved, the total amount of the bond will likely be set by the court.  The applicant will pay a percentage of the bonded amount.

Criminal Actions: In the case of criminal actions, bail bonds are the most common type.  Until the bond amount is paid, the defendant must stay in prison.  Once it is paid, the defendant is released from jail unless they are found guilty.  Often, it is a relative or acquaintance of a defendant who posts bail.

Judicial Bonds: Judicial bonds are issued for the sole purpose of litigating between a plaintiff and defendant who are involved in a lawsuit.  It is also meant to secure a party’s costs of appeal, attachment and injunction.  It is a protection against uncertainty in legal proceedings.  It ensures that the applicant is financially sound enough to proceed and able to pay for any court costs.


What does a court bond guarantee?
That a defendant will return to court for their next, and all subsequent, hearings.

Is it only used in criminal cases?
No, a court bond can also be used in lawsuits, to ensure that the defendant is present at all hearings.

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